reconstruct doing nothing

Bart Coninckx info at
Fri Mar 21 10:27:40 EDT 2008

>If you are using the unix hierarchy seperator, you need to use 
>reconstruct -r user/testuser.

>Or user/testuser at if you are using virtual domains.  Also make 
>sure that the files are chown cyrus:mail (or whatever uid/guid you are 

>You can run strace reconstruct ... that will maybe you give an better 
>idea what it is trying to do.


Spoke too soon I believe: I see reconstruct do some stuff, but the cyrus.*
files are unaffected. Also, a folder I restored is not processed by

I used this command:

su cyrus -c "/usr/lib/cyrus/bin/reconstruct -rfx
user/hiddenfirstname^hiddenlastname at"

All files have ownership "cyrus:mail"

Any idea on why he doesn't touch the restored folders? 



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