STARTTLS on Cyrus IMAPd 2.3.11

Wesley Craig wes at
Wed Mar 19 16:53:03 EDT 2008

You know, this *almost* sounds like you've configure Thunderbird to  
do TLS on the imaps port.


On 19 Mar 2008, at 01:09, Jorey Bump wrote:
> Jorey Bump wrote, at 03/18/2008 09:18 PM:
>> I'm focusing now on the open_ssl error "wrong version number" and  
>> just
>> realized the current system uses openssl 0.9.7l, while the new
>> environment uses openssl 0.9.8e. This might be significant, but I
>> haven't found anything conclusive. I know that other bugs were
>> introduced with this release.
> Taking another tack, I configured Postfix to use the same certificate
> and STARTTLS connections work fine. So, there's no interference  
> from my
> network connection, and my openssl version seems to present no  
> obstacle
> that can't be overcome. Can anyone confirm that STARTTLS  
> connections to
> port 143 work with 2.3.11?

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