Info-Cyrus Mailman List problem.

Neil Marjoram n.marjoram at
Mon Mar 17 03:54:31 EDT 2008

I have re subscribed to this list to attempt to post a HELP!!!

I have attempted to use the email unsubscribe instruction to remove 
myself from this list, however this only seems to stop my ability to 
post to the list - I am still receiving the emails. I am about to 
attempt to use the web interface to unsubscribe, if this does not work 
can someone please take my email address off this list. My alternative 
is a local blacklist, but this seems a little drastic.

I am copying this to the list owners, but I attempted this before, I 
have also emailed the mailman admin address but have not had a response.

Neil Marjoram
Systems Manager
Adastral Park Campus
University College London
Ross Building
Adastral Park
Martlesham Heath
Ipswich - Suffolk

Tel: 01473 663711
Fax: 01473 635199

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