imap refusing connections while pop3 is not

mahecha at mahecha at
Thu Mar 13 09:24:24 EDT 2008

yesterday I was using squirrelmail to try send a message via my
cyrus... i got an "imap server refused connection" "server
busy; try again later" "unable to open imap thread"
message; i tried pop3 with my outlook and it worked; i was able to send
the message (esmtp/sendmail).

log files did not show anything

is this possible ? will cyrus give errors for imap
but not for pop3 (as the are 2 different/separate daemons)... or is this a
sendmail issue?

Also, I noticed that my log file collects
sendmail as well as cyrus info; how can I tell it to put files for
sendmail and cyrus in different logs?

Thanks in advanced.
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