Is there any way to log/see protocol level commands for a mailbox which is not under user.* ?

Ciprian Marius Vizitiu cvizitiu at
Thu Mar 13 06:57:31 EDT 2008

Hi listers, 


It's written in the manuals that by creating a folder under
/var/lib/imap/log/username Cyrus will log at protocol level details for
"username". Question: how can I do the same for a mailbox which is above
user.* level? Of course I could enable logging for all users =:-o and then
try to correlate those logs but I thought I should ask. 


Background: on a perfectly functioning Cyrus IMAP some of my users are...
abusing one common IMAP folder in subtle ways so I just want  to be able to
catch the offenders that's why I'm only interested in the "COPY" and/or
"APPEND" commands. 

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