Cyrus and popper

Marco Broglia broglia at
Wed Mar 12 12:54:04 EDT 2008

Ian G Batten wrote:
> On 11 Mar 08, at 1745, Marco Broglia wrote:
>> How can I configure Cyrus and Qpopper (or another pop server) on the
>> same server ?
> No.  The mailbox format is different.

I know, but I mean Cyrus with its env and Qpopper with other users.

>> I have sendmail. What about sendmail mailers ?
>> I have Qpopper with encrypted password (/etc/passwd) in another server
>> and I'd like to migrate users transparently on the same mail server (the
>> passwords can be moved without knowledge).
> I'm not clear what you're asking, but Cyrus can authenticate from 
> anything that calls getpwnam() (ie /etc/passwd, /etc/shadow, NIS, etc) 
> using saslauthd.
> ian

I have:
  + on server A:
    - Cyrus v2.2.12 (IMAP) (+ sendmail) with 7531 users
    - authentication via sasl (sasldb)
    - domains a1.domain, a2.domain, ...
  + on server B:
    - Qpopper (POP) with about 200 users
    - auth via /etc/passwd
    - domain b1.domain, b2.domain

I'd like to move pop users to server A.

I have problems to enable Cyrus pop because I don't know their passwords 
and I don't want to change or ask to users (for several reasons) for them.

I'd like to install Qpopper on server A and move all the mailbox 
(standard, one file per user) without stop pop service.

My problem is: how can I manage incoming email ? How can sendmail to 
route email to Cyrus (mailer cyrusv2) or to standard local mail (for pop 
users) ? Some tricks on ? mailertable ?


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