Cyrus and popper

Dan White dwhite at
Wed Mar 12 09:51:08 EDT 2008

Marco Broglia wrote:
> How can I configure Cyrus and Qpopper (or another pop server) on the 
> same server ? I have sendmail. What about sendmail mailers ?
> I have Qpopper with encrypted password (/etc/passwd) in another server 
> and I'd like to migrate users transparently on the same mail server (the 
> passwords can be moved without knowledge). That's why I can't use Cyrus pop.


Cyrus SASL supports auto_transition (sasl_auto_transition in 

If enabled, and authenticating using PLAIN or LOGIN, you can have 
your daemon write all usernames and passwords, in cleartext, to 
an auxprop store backend such as /etc/sasldb2.

That should be true of Cyrus IMAPd, Sendmail or any other daemon 
which calls Cyrus SASL during authentication.

You can also configure the daemon to include saslauthd in the 
pwcheck_method/sasl_pwcheck_method configuration option, which 
will give you the ability to authenticate to a (local) passwd file.

- Dan

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