Very annoying IMAP problem (cyrus + Outlook)

Denis BUCHER dbucherml at
Fri Aug 22 09:05:34 EDT 2008


David Carter a écrit :
>> As far as I understand, the cause of the problem is : * "Outlook is 
>> sending either a token or quoted string that is longer than 8K bytes."
> Your problem is a mailbox which contains several thousand messages. 
> Possibly several thousand messages which Outlook hasn't seen previously.
> Outlook tries to construct a single IMAP command of the form:
>  UID FETCH uid,uid,uid,... <some set of fields>
> where the list of UIDs is larger than 8 KBytes in size.
>> But how could I correct this problem either in Outlook or cyrus ???
> Split the problem mailbox into smaller mailboxes using something other 
> than Outlook.

A mailbox or a folder ? I mean, if we can split messages into different 
folders will it solve the problem as well ?

> Alternatively you could increase the word limit in Cyrus. 
> MAXWORD is 32k in recent Cyrus 2.3 versions.

Question, I suppose I would need to compile Cyrus, if I wanted to change 
the word limit ?

Thank you very much for your help


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