Cyrus vs Dovecot

Mathieu Kretchner mathieu.kretchner at
Wed Aug 13 02:26:49 EDT 2008

Pascal Gienger a écrit :
> Mathieu Kretchner <mathieu.kretchner at> wrote:
>> Ok thanks ! A good point on the cyrus side !
>> What about the performance ?
> Depends on which size your scenario will be.
>> Does my next configuration will run correctly ? Which hardware should I
>> buy for this activity ?
> That's like asking a crystal sphere whether the woman you love is the 
> right one to marry... How many users did use your old server? How many 
> incoming messages per second? How much storage was used? How many 
> clients did connect simulteanously to your old Cyrus server?
>> At present, we have a lot of I/O, we wonder if the last version of cyrus
>> is improved for this point ?
> We stored (before using graylisting) 30 messages/sec via Cyrus on two 
> mirrored SAN volumes. 1200 imapd are running on peak times. No murder. 8 
> TB storage; 2TB used. 58,000 mailboxes; 12,000 users.
> 20 GB RAM, 14 GB ARC (zfs cache). SAN via Sun MPxIO (scsi_vhci).
> You see, without knowing the size of your old Cyrus solution it is not 
> possible to say whether it is "enough" or not.

I thanks you for your participation but not for the way you do it 
because if you had read my second mail on this topic you wouldn't have 
to ask your crystal sphere to wonder what is my configuration !!

My questions are septics because we have performance problem with our 
cyrus configuration. We must do something and I'm here trying to compare 
  what will be the best solution for us. I can do some mistakes because 
it will be temporary but if I find the good server with one try It will 
be better for our next architecture.

Thanks again for your help.
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