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Vincent Fox vbfox at ucdavis.edu
Tue Nov 27 13:42:33 EST 2007

This of course sounds familiar to some experiences we had
recently with Cyrus 2.3.8 on Solaris 10 backends pretty
heavily loaded with number of users.  If you search the
mailing list archives you'll find several threads about our
problems here at UC Davis.

However, the others in the thread have made it clear
you haven't provided sufficient details.

More details on your user-numbers, activity levels, etc
are useful.  However the most useful thing you can supply
would be diagnostic data run from console during a
period of high load.  I'd recommend you start over with
a fresh post and fill in everything you can think of, it will
cut down on the repetition.  Output of iostat, traces, etc.

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