Cyrus and Postfix on separate machines -- how?

Rich Wales richw at
Fri Nov 23 23:05:29 EST 2007

I currently have both Postfix (2.3.5) and Cyrus (2.3.9) running on
a single server.  Postfix does its thing (including spam and virus
filtering) and then invokes Cyrus's "deliver" program to deliver

I would like to move my Cyrus onto a separate system from my Postfix.
The reason is because I'm having problems with my Cyrus and want to
try setting up a new version of Cyrus (2.3.10) on a different platform,
but I would prefer to keep my working Postfix setup where it is for now.

What's confusing me here is that I'm not sure how to configure Postfix
so it can deliver a message over my LAN to a separate Cyrus server,
instead of delivering it over a Unix-domain socket to Cyrus running on
the same box.

Any suggestions?

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