LARGE single-system Cyrus installs?

David Lang david.lang at
Wed Nov 21 13:15:21 EST 2007

On Wed, 21 Nov 2007, Ian G Batten wrote:

>> however a fsync on a journal ed filesystem just means the data needs to be
>> written to the journal, it doesn't mean that the journal needs to be 
>> flushed to
>> disk.
>> on ext3 if you have data=journal ed then your data is in the journal as well 
>> and
>> all that the system needs to do on a fsync is to write things to the 
>> journal (a
>> nice sequential write),
> Assuming the journal is on a distinct device and the distinct device can take 
> the load.  It isn't on ZFS, although work is in progress.

I was responding to the comments about ext3 and other journal ed filesystems as 
alternatives to zfs and the claim that doing a fsync on one of them required 
flushing the entire journal. sorry if I wasn't clear enough about this.

David Lang

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