pop3d 100% cpu

Rafael Mahecha mahecha at jsums.edu
Wed Nov 21 12:46:01 EST 2007

I have... the problem was actually with our sendmail.... it is supposed to
have a message size limit... for the maximum size of message that sendmail
will transfer for.... it turns out that during one of the updates, that option
was not set... so by default it is unlimited, so when a user wanted to send a
170MB home video from her outlook, the server was sitting there trying to
transfer it...

The problem was fixed by removing the mailq and
resetting the option in sendmail.

I guess that for the pop,
your server received a large message and one(or more) of the user(s) is trying
to download that to their computer?

I think cyrus has a max_size
option ... or may be lmtp... which tells it to fail if it finds a message
larger than that....
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On Tue, November 20, 2007 3:51 pm, Faust
> About 5 to 10 minutes after starting
cyrus_imapd the process pop3d will take
> 100% cpu usage and the
system will freece.
> Anyone else has seen this problem?
> I am using fedora 8 with the following packages;

> cyrus-sasl-plain-2.1.22-6
> cyrus-sasl-lib-2.1.22-6
> cyrus-imapd-perl-2.3.9-7.fc7
> cyrus-sasl-2.1.22-6
> Faust
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