Creating mailboxes with cyradm - useraccount with a 'dot'

Kuhlemann, Stefan sk at
Wed Nov 21 10:10:40 EST 2007

Hi mailinglist.

( newbie qestion ahead ;-) )

At the moment I am experimenting with cyrus, running on fedora 7. 

Creating mailboxes with cyradm works fine until I want to create a
mailbox for a account like 'peter.testaccount':

In cyradm:

> cm user.peter.testaccount
> createmailbox: Permission denied

While it seems to be logical to me, that mailboxnames with a dot are not
working out-of-the-box because of the way cyrus organizes it's mailboxes
(user.<mboxname>.<subfolder>), it would be nice, if sombody could give
me a hint - how to cope with useraccounts with a 'dot' in them and the
corresponding cyrus IMAP mailboxes.

Thanks for your help in advance...


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