Collaboration replacement via Toltec/Bynari (was How many people to admin a Cyrus system?)

Rob Mueller robm at
Sat Nov 17 04:17:53 EST 2007

> So, the problem has nothing to do with IMAP, and everything to do with 
> message handling before delivery to the mailbox.

If I've assimilated everything right, I think the summary of the problem is:

Outlook handles some email messages specially (the example Joon has used is 
iTIP emails). To actually process these special emails, they have to pass 
through the Outlook "transport" mechanism. An email appearing in an IMAP 
folder is not processed by the Outlook transport mechansim. However an email 
POPed from a POP server to a local folder is. There's no api way to just 
"invoke" the Outlook transport system on an email, it's a black box thing 
that just happens on certain transports.

So just mapping the INBOX to display will result in these special emails 
never being "processed". However POPing them will.

I do have a hacky workaround suggestion which might work.

1. Display all folders including INBOX
2. Setup a "dummy" POP account that points to the same cyrus server
3. Make sure the "leave on server" option is set
4. Setup a filter rule in Outlook to just delete all the POPed email

Then emails arriving in the IMAP inbox will appear as normal, but they'll 
also be POPed regularly and processed by the Outlook transport mechansim. 
Unfortunately this solution wont currently work because (1) is impossible in 
Toltec at the moment.


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