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Fri Nov 16 16:29:20 EST 2007

Sebastian Hagedorn wrote:
> -- Sebastian Hagedorn <hagedorn at> is rumored to have mumbled 
> on 16. November 2007 22:03:21 +0100 regarding Re: One more attempt: 
> stuck processes:
>> The question is how pop3d knows that the connection is dropped. And maybe
>> that's really where dial-up comes into play. In don't know if you're in a
>> position to test that, but what happens if you telnet to port 995 from
>> dial-up and then drop the dial-up connection? I guess I might try that
>> from home now.
> That does it ... I disconnected my cable modem while having an open 
> telnet connection to 995. Now that process is stuck.

Does the same thing happen if you telnet to port 110?

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