One more attempt: stuck processes

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> That's exactly what Gary is seeing.

Right. Apparently stripped binaries aren't any good for straces.

> Its blocking in SSL_accept().
> Apparently the client connects to port 995, and then either sends
> nothing, or goes away and leaves the socket open.
> I've reproduced the former by telneting to port 995 and doing nothing.

Does it time out eventually, i.e. after 10 minutes? If not that in itself 
could be considered a bug.

> I
> have been unable to reproduce the latter because as soon as I QUIT the
> telnet session or kill() the telnet process, pop3d exits gracefully.

The question is how pop3d knows that the connection is dropped. And maybe 
that's really where dial-up comes into play. In don't know if you're in a 
position to test that, but what happens if you telnet to port 995 from 
dial-up and then drop the dial-up connection? I guess I might try that from 
home now.
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