LARGE single-system Cyrus installs?

Michael Bacon baconm at
Wed Nov 14 15:20:30 EST 2007

Sun doesn't make any SSDs, I don't think, but while I'm not certain, I 
think the RamSan line ( has 
some sort of partnership with Sun.  To be honest, I'm not sure which brand 
we're using, but like RamSan, it's a FC disk that slots into our SAN like 
any other target.

I'd love to find out what your dtrace output says, though.


--On Wednesday, November 14, 2007 10:21 AM -0800 Vincent Fox 
<vbfox at> wrote:

> Michael Bacon wrote:
>> Solid state disk for the partition with the mailboxes database.
>> This thing is amazing.  We've got one of the gizmos with a battery
>> backup and a RAID array of Winchester disks that it writes off to if
>> it loses power, but the latency levels on this thing are
>> non-existent.  Writes to the mailboxes database return almost
>> instantaneously when compared to regular spinning disks.  Based on my
>> experience, that's bound to be a much bigger chunk of time than
>> traversing a linked list in kernel memory.
>> For anyone doing a big Cyrus install, I would strongly recommend this.
> Thanks for the idea Michael.
> I am thinking when our Sun Dtrace testing starts, to see if I can throw
> in one config where the DB are run out of tmpfs in order to excercise
> whether latency to those databases is causing the pileup.   I have also
> seen a posting from Pascal that ZFS mirrored configs have latency issues
> which may be contributing.
> I'm not ready to point any fingers but it certainly seems worth
> investigating.
> It's a pity I can't find any Sun SDD drives that could just slot into our
> existing SAN setups.

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