OT: Re: How many people to admin a Cyrus system?

Zachariah Mully zmully at smartbrief.com
Wed Nov 14 10:01:43 EST 2007

On Wed, 2007-11-14 at 13:25 +0000, Ian G Batten wrote:
> On 13 Nov 07, at 1505, David Chait wrote:
> > One key piece of functionality that seems to be missing from every OSS
> > solution mentioned thus far is mobile device push support  
> > (Activesync),
> > this is not to be underestimated as it is for us, a key reason why we
> > are ultimately being forced to adopt Exchange en-mass and abandon our
> > current Cyrus infrastructure.
> There's purported to be a solution from Concilliant.  http:// 
> www.consilient.com/media/2005/c2-for-cyrus.html
> ian

Be forewarned, last I had checked on this the licensing costs were a bit
onerous IMO. The software was basically a repackaged BES with their
custom client software.


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