OT: Re: How many people to admin a Cyrus system?

Ian G Batten ian.batten at uk.fujitsu.com
Tue Nov 13 04:54:36 EST 2007

On 13 Nov 07, at 0812, Scott M. Likens wrote:
> No it's not
> as seamless as Exchange, but it works just fine and it's an open
> standard.

However, people don't want calendaring, they want Outlook.   Offer a  
solution which doesn't allow Outlook to work ``like it should'' and  
you risk learning more about Exchange than you wanted to.   I guess  
Outlook might start to talk CalDAV, but I personally doubt it: it  
would undercut Microsoft's Exchange business which is very lucrative  
for them.  OCS has an Outlook plugin I suspect for this very reason:  
it avoids management refusing to accept a solution which doesn't do  
what they see as the right thing: the rest of us use the OCS Linux/ 
Solaris/Windows/OSX native clients or the web front end, all of which  
work very nicely.

Your management won't regard CalDAV as a standard, they think Outlook  
is a standard.  And ``not as seamless'' is a key admission.


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