how to config cyrus-imap auth with ldap directly?

sohu meilinxiaoxue at
Mon Nov 12 10:43:17 EST 2007

I found here is an option sasl_pwcheck_method and a lot of ldap_xxx
like options.

and also this in 'man 5 imapd.conf':

"allowapop: 1
Allow use of the POP3 APOP authentication command.

Note that this command requires that SASL is compiled with APOP support,
that the plaintext passwords are available in a SASL auxprop backend (eg. sasldb),
and that the system can provide enough entropy (eg. from /dev/urandom) to create a
challenge in the banner."

1.dose that mean I can only use sasldb2 for password and user id storage
if I want APOP?

2.If I set sasl_pwcheck_method to :saslauthd other options can be set
through saslauthd.conf and saslauthd command line.but if set to
"auxprop" then where to set the option "auxprop_plugin"??,no such an
option in imapd.conf

3.If I just want to use ldap for auth,which option control that? just
do not set sasl_pwcheck_method then set ldap_xxxx?

thx very much

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