How many people to admin a Cyrus system?

Adam Tauno Williams adam at
Fri Nov 9 08:24:00 EST 2007

> > How many
> > and what sort of people does it take to maintain a system such as
> > this?  I need a good argument for hiring a replacement for me.
> At a minimum you want 1 qualified person and someone cross-trained
> as a backup, so that person can reasonably enough have vacations.
> Any decent sysadmin should be able to MAINTAIN such a service
> I don't think actually programming skills should be primary.  

Agree.  I maintain a Cyrus system.  And on most days that doesn't even
involve touching it.  Any reasonably proficient person with UNIX skills
should be able to take over Cyrus administration given they are willing
to do some reading.

> I have been
> doing sysadmin work since 1989 and the actual programming work I've
> done in that time has been maybe 2% of it.  If you have a lot of custom
> interface stuff to your campus systems maybe you need more programmer
> skills.   As a completely inappropriate generalization, former engineers
> and mathematicians also make good sysadmins because they have the mindset
> and the skills for problem decomposition and trouble-shooting.

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