RTCyrus3 - sendmail and cyrus-imap integration

Andrzej Adam Filip anfi at xl.wp.pl
Thu Nov 8 15:53:57 EST 2007

Akshay Kumar wrote:
> --On Wednesday, April 18, 2007 10:40:50 +0200 Andrzej Adam Filip
> <anfi at xl.wp.pl> wrote:
>> I would like to announce new version of RTCyrus recipes for Sendmail and
>> Cyrus IMAP integration.
>> RTCyrus3 has been designed for easy integration of sendmail with virtual
>> domains provided by Cyrus IMAP. It includes support for aliases.
>> http://anfi.homeunix.net/sendmail/rtcyrus3.html
> Is this page not available anymore? I am using sendmail with cyrus and
> would like to be able to test for mailbox existence in real time.

1) RTCyrus3 has been moved to open-sendmail project at sourceforge.net

The RTCyrus3 files can be downloaded at
[ open-sendmail contains more sendmail goodies ]

2) anfi.homeunix.net domain is no longer under my control


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