LARGE single-system Cyrus installs?

Dan White dwhite at
Thu Nov 8 10:56:54 EST 2007

Michael D. Sofka wrote:
> On Thursday 04 October 2007 07:32:52 pm Rob Mueller wrote:
>> 4. Lots of other little things
>> a) putting the proc dir on tmpfs is a good idea
>> b) make sure you have the right filesystem (on linux, reiserfs is much
>> better than ext3 even with ext3s dir hashing) and journaling modes
> On a Murder front-end server, could the tls_sessions.db be put on a
> tmpfs?  What about mailboxes.db, since the murder master would have
> the master copy anyway.  (This would slowdown startup in the case
> of the system loosing power.  But, ``the front end servers can be 
> considered 'dataless' '' according to:
> We have a Murder Aggregate with two front-end and three back-end
> servers, and the master.   I've noticed the front-end servers are a little
> IO bound.  They each have a single disk, and I discovered that half
> of the IO wait went away when I buffered the cyrus.log file in syslogd.
> But, they still show an average of 5-6% IO Wait for processes.
> Moving imap/proc to tmpfs, however, had a negligible effect.
>  I'll spec a two-disk system when new front-end's are ordered,
> but that would only split system from cyrus.   Would it make more
> sense (and, more importantly, would it work and not foobar us) to order
> a machine with more memory, and put configdirectory: on tmpfs?  (With
> the possible exception of the db snapshots and mboxlist backups.)
> Mike

Hi Mike,

While reviewing this thread for optimization ideas, I came across 
your comment about buffering the cyrus.log in syslogd. Could you 
explain what you did to configure that?

- Dan White
BTC Broadband

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