cyrus upgrade

Akshay Kumar akshay at
Wed Nov 7 15:03:24 EST 2007


I am trying to upgrade our mail server from redhat 9 running cyrus-imapd 
2.2.8 to RHEL4 running the stock 2.2.12 rpms. I am trying to make sure I am 
not missing anything. All the db files seem to be in the correct format as 
far as I can tell. Does anyone see problems with the following:

1) sync /var/spool/imap to the new server skipping the stage directory 
(there are some old files in it, not sure what they are used for).
2) copy mailboxes.db(skiplist), annotations.db(skiplist) from old mahcine 
to /var/lib/imap on the new machine delete tls_sessions.db and deliver.db 
on the new box
3) copy seen and subs date to /var/lib/imap/user on the new machine
4) copy all the sieve scripts to the new box

Is there anything else that I am missing?


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