sieve_admins imapd.conf option

Toschi Pietro Pietro.Toschi at
Tue Nov 6 11:46:29 EST 2007

Hi all.

While playing with smartsieve I've encountered an unknown imapd.conf
option named sieve_admins. Looking at the docs (cyrus 2.3.10) didn't
help. Looking at imapopts.c didn't either.
It is used to list those users that are allowed to authenticate as
themselves but get authorized as other users while performing SIEVE
management actions (and only that kind of actions, they do not admin
mailboxes for example). Very useful and apparently perfectly working.

My question is: how this option is used by cyrus? What cyrus component
loads and evaluates it apart from smartsieve web app?

Indeed: googleing I've found another undocumented imapd.conf option:
imap_admins. Any info about that?



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