Deleting top-level mailbox with 'delete_mode: delayed'

Bron Gondwana brong at
Mon Nov 5 05:15:06 EST 2007

On Fri, Nov 02, 2007 at 01:15:37PM -0400, Brian Wong wrote:
> On Nov 2, 2007 12:39 PM, Rudy Gevaert <Rudy.Gevaert at> wrote:
> >
> > Brian Wong wrote:
> > > I was testing out Cyrus 2.3.10 and realized that when I set the option
> > >
> > > delete_mode: delayed
> > >
> > > I can not delete top-level mailboxes.
> > >
> > > localhost.localdomain> lm
> > > localhost.localdomain> cm user.bwong
> > > localhost.localdomain> sam user.bwong <admin_account> c
> > > localhost.localdomain> dm user.bwong
> > > deletemailbox: Operation is not supported on mailbox
> > > localhost.localdomain> lm
> > > user.bwong (\HasNoChildren)
> > >
> > > Disabling the delayed delete gives expected results. The mailbox is
> > > deleted as normal. Anyone else confirm this?
> >
> > I'm just back from holiday (and only catching up on mail).  I always set
> > the 'x' permission.  Could you try that?  If that doesn't work, I'll try
> > to delete a top level mailbox on Monday (I'm running 2.3.10 in test).
> >
> > Rudy
> >
> localhost.localdomain> lam user.bwong
> bwong lrswipkxtecda
> admin kxc
> localhost.localdomain> dm user.bwong
> deletemailbox: Operation is not supported on mailbox
> I think if I did not have the right to delete the mailbox, I would get
> a "Permission Denied" instead of the error I am receiving. Let me know
> what you find when you try it. I feel that if this is really a bug it
> would have been caught before release, but then again I can't think of
> anything atypical with my setup that would cause this problem.

It's almost certainly caused by the code that checks if you're renaming
a "top level mailbox" for a user and special cases it in all sorts of
ways.  I never liked that code much!

My solution was to make DELETED.user.bwong.46A12345 (or similar) also
be considered to be an "INBOX" so it was treated as a user rename.
This seems not to be working in your environment, and I'm really not
sure why.

I don't see anything specially different in our config.
fast_rename: yes, but that won't work for you anyway because it's
using a not-yet-perfect patch at our end.

All our mailbox deletes are done as the admin user.  It won't work
if you're not a bona-fide admin (not just a user called admin who
happens to have an ACL).  Check the 'admins:' parameter in your


(P.S. your username is scarily similar to mine!)

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