autocreatequote in cyrus on gentoo doesn't seem to work.

Joseph Silverman yossie at
Fri Nov 2 15:01:51 EDT 2007

I've been using the Mandriva (2006) version of cyrus imap (binary rpm  
added by the urpmi command) for a few years.  We have depended on the  
autocreatequota value in /etc/imapd.conf  to (a) allow us to create  
an INBOX when the account has been authenticated (in our case through  
a sql database) and (b) set a quota for that account.

I have recently switched to a gentoo source distro, installed cyrus- 
imapd with emerge.  With default use flags etc.. I get a version that  
runs similarly in every way except that autocreatequota doesn't  
actually seem to work.  No initial quota is set for a user created  
INBOX.  Further, trying to create a sieve for a user, on first  
connect, before creating an INBOX seems to fail with an auth error.

In both cases I am using cyrus-imapd-2.2.12 - so it's not a version  
issue, perse.  I think it must be a compile time configure issue, but  
can't find any clues.

So, I am asking the community for help.  Any ideas?

Thanks - Yossie

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