groups, members, LDAP and ptloader

Toschi Pietro Pietro.Toschi at
Wed May 30 11:04:29 EDT 2007

Hi all
I find very difficult to understand relationships between groups, members, =
LDAP and ptloader.
I have a cyrus 2.2.12 successfully authenticating users with saslauthd and =
my user DB is openLDAP

I would like to upgrade to 2.3.8. It's now some days that I try to investig=
ate the differences between the two and I came across those concepts, but I=
 wasn't able to find any useful information in the cyrus tarball documentat=
I searched the list I found some old thread, but that increased my confusio=

Is there somebody on this list so kind and please try to explain me what I'=
m missing?


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