Superior hiearchical mailbox creation, after the fact

Jorey Bump list at
Tue May 29 09:42:21 EDT 2007

Zoran Kikic wrote:
> I'm running Imapd 2.3.8+Postfix+SA+Amavis-New and everything works fine 
> without INBOX folders - even my Sieve scripts:
> if header :contains "X-Spam-Flag" "YES" {
>  fileinto "INBOX/Spam";
> }
> There is NO INBOX but it works.

Of course there's an INBOX. In IMAP, INBOX is virtual, and doesn't 
require a physical directory/mailbox named "INBOX" on the filesystem. In 
the case of Cyrus IMAPD, for example, my INBOX is:


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