backup imapd with TSM

Matt Elson melson at
Thu May 24 12:42:47 EDT 2007

Hans Moser wrote:
> Hi!
> Does anyone actually backup and restore Cyrus IMAPd with Tivoli Storage 
> Manager (TSM)?

We've use TSM coupled with the snapshot capability of our NetApp filer 
to do backups here.  The system was automated for awhile with a simple 
web frontend, but some changes on the backend have rendered it manual again.

We restore the given mailbox( or mailboxes) underneath a heading called 
"restored", subscribe the user to it, set the permissions to be lrs for 
the user, and let them move the mail out that they want.  After a fixed 
amount of time (two weeks) we then destroy the restored mailbox.

The procedure is roughly (using restoring my inbox (only) as an example):

1) Copy the info from tape to the location of the new mailbox

dsmc restore -ina /var/spool/imap/P/user/melson/ /var/spool/imap/P/restored/

2) Reconstruct the mailbox.

reconstruct -p default restored.melson

(I have no idea why I'm not using -f for this.. wrote the stuff months 
ago when I was still getting the hang of some of this so I may have 
simply not known any better)

Then you just set permissions as you would like, subscribe the user to 
the mailbox, and let them know that there's a restored mailbox waiting 
for them.

It's worked fairly well for us.

Matt Elson
Unix Systems Administrator
Wesleyan University

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