all clients but mutt dont see several existing messages

peter pilsl pilsl at
Thu May 24 10:25:30 EDT 2007

cyrus imap 2.2.13
using imap-protocol

I've a very strange problem.

A User doesnt see 20 mails out of 2200 in his Outbox.

The mails are definititely in the mailbox (I can see them as files in the 
directory) and I can see the mails using mutt as mailclient.

But using a client like outlook-express or thunderbird or webmail/horde/imp the 
mails dont exist.

The missing mails are number 1851. - 1870.

I checked in mutt if they have the Deletion-flag set : NO
I did a reconstruct of the mailbox : no change
I checked the filepermissions
I checked the permissions of the folder using cyradm
I restarted cyrmaster

What is going on here? any hints? any tips for debugging? Its very strange ...


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