How Cyrus works?

Toschi Pietro Pietro.Toschi at
Thu May 24 08:34:18 EDT 2007

Hi all
I'm still experimenting with Cyrus. One of the problems I am facing with is=
 the lack of documentation. Could somebody please point to some explanation=
 about the meaning of various /var/lib/imap items? What I am definitely loo=
king for is some explanation of how Cyrus works not limited to the use of c=
yradm and imapd.conf directives (althought many directives still appear ver=
y unclear to me...).
For example: I understand that Cyrus manages a mailboxes DB and I guess it =
manages many other informations like users, quotas, metainformations, etc..=
. but what, how, why, when... it does what it does?
I know that the source code contains every information I need but I really =
hope there is a more understanding, insightful and extensive way to learn.
At least a good starting point would be a great suggestion.

Thanks in advance.


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