Moving mailboxes

Kristaps Armanis krisha.lists at
Wed May 23 05:49:45 EDT 2007

Labdien Sebastian,

Wednesday, May 23, 2007, 10:53:58 AM, Jus rakstijat:
SH> we're using Cyrus 2.3.8. Our primary Cyrus partition is getting full. We've
SH> added another one and all new users are created there. Still we need to
SH> move some users from the old one to the new one. I know how to do that
SH> (rename user/xxx user/xxx new). I have successfully moved my own mailboxes.
SH> The thing is: how do I make sure that users being moved don't access their
SH> mailboxes? I know I can check if somebody is currently logged in by
SH> checking the files in /var/lib/imap/proc, but there doesn't seem to be a
SH> way to temporarily disable login on an individual basis, is there?

As here Cyrys server mostly is accesed by day, we have
shedeules scripts, tad move users across partitions at
night, and never had any problems. Somehow even if user was
logged in @ that exact time.

About same subject -  anyone knows any php code /  library that
could help do this same renamemailbox from php scripts?
And is there anywa quick way to change default-partition ?
So when autocreate mailbox executes, is uses some random or
whatever id for partitions?


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