Sieve vacation does not catch alias-addresses?

paul-erik.torronen at paul-erik.torronen at
Mon May 14 02:49:22 EDT 2007


I have a weird problem where sieve does not match properly the recipient
alias address when using the vacation rule.

Specifically: I run a CentOS4.4 Linux box with postfix (2.2.10-1.RHEL4.2)
+ cyrus-imapd (2.2.12-3.RHEL4.1). The rules are created via Squirrelmail
(1.4.10-1.el4) + avelsieve (1.0.1).

Cyrus-Imapd is set up to use virtual domains (which work otherwise ok) and
the users log on to read their email with the username at domain login.
Aliases (in the form of firstname.lastname at domain) has been created for
each user in Postfix (via the virtual_alias_maps-configuration).

The problem is that sieve only 'catches' messages sent to the
username at domain address, when created in avelsieve followingly:

1. Go to Options
2. Select Message Filters
3. Click Add a New Rule
4. Select All Messages, click Move on to Step 3
5. Select "Vacation", set the Addresses-textfield to
'username at domain,firstname.lastname at domain'. Click Move on to Step 4
6. Click Finish
7. Click Save Changes

When viewing through the sieveshell, the rule looks like this:

# This script has been automatically generated by avelsieve
# (Sieve Mail Filters Plugin for Squirrelmail)
true {
vacation :days 7 :addresses
["username at domain","firstname.lastname at domain"] text:
This is an automated reply; I am away and will not be able to reply to you
immediately.I will get back to you as soon as I return.

Sending a message (from another account) to the username at domain-address
works as it should, but fails when I send a message to the
firstname.lastname at domain. No notification is sent back to the original

I've also tried leaving the Address-textfield empty (in hopes of this
being a real 'match-anything'), as well as only using the
firstname.lastname at domain address, but neither works.

Is there something I have missed, or does the vacation only work with
'real' addresses?



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