lmtpadinject - alpha version.

Benjamin Donnachie benjamin at py-soft.co.uk
Fri May 11 02:19:47 EDT 2007

I have just released an alpha version of lmtpadinject for testing - see

This program sits between your MTA and Cyrus and injects plain text
adverts into the top of messages.  By using an external program, these
can be customised to the recipient.

It uses LMTP to communicate with the MTA and Cyrus and currently only
supports sockets.

To compile, just run gcc lmtpadinject-0.02.c -o lmtpadinject -lpthread

Then to run just use ./lmtpadinject &

All configuration parameters are currently at the top of the source file
- just edit them according to your system and then recompile.

I will be adding support for configuration files and generally tidying
the code.  Remember, this is alpha quality - use at your own risk!

That said, it's working fine on my system with the following config:

Postfix ---> dspam ---> lmtpadinject ---> Cyrus
  ||	     (LMTP)
(Content filter)

Please note, I wrote this program for use by a site that donates most of
the money raised to charity.

Please contact me off list for further information, or if you would like
to help with testing.

Take care,


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