installation issue...

Jared (Forced Distribution) idesignyoureyes at
Mon May 7 15:41:17 EDT 2007

Hi, not sure if this is the proper forums, but I am having a problem
installing Cyrus IMAP. I am trying to install the newest stable
version on FreeBSD. Everything is basically installed and configured.
I am at the point where I run "mkimap" and I get the following

reading configure file /usr/local/etc/imapd.conf...
i will configure directory /var/imap .
i saw partition /var/imap/spool.
configuring /var/imap ...
couldn't change to /var/imap  at (eval 1) line 95.

Permissions seem to be correct and the dirs are there. Not sure what
the deal is.

Any help would be appreciated.


- Jared

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