Bug? xfermailbox to murder front-end is broken but using rename to xfer a mailbox works just fine.

Nik Conwell nik at bu.edu
Mon May 7 10:17:24 EDT 2007

I can (via cyradm) issue renames to a frontend and move people from  
backend to backend just fine, but if I issue xfermailbox to the  
frontend to move people it hangs and I end up with a frontend  
mboxlist that's messed up (points to frontend).

Is this a bug or am I just stupid issuing commands to the frontend?   
Issuing rename or xfermailbox to the appropriate backends works just  


Mailbox renames to move to a different back-end work fine issued to  
the front end server.

cyradm frontend
rename user/nik user/nik backend02
rename user/nik user/nik backend01
[all successful]

But, if I do xfermailbox to a front end, it hangs:

cyradm frontend01
xfermailbox user/nik backend02

The front end logs show:

could not dump mailbox in backend01 (unknown error)
could not move mailbox: user.nik, dump_mailbox() failed

and then a ctl_mboxlist -d shows:

user.nik      1   frontend!backend01      nik   lrswipkxtecda
[normally it should be backendNN!default]

user.nik      0   default                 nik   lrswipkxtecda
user.nik      0   default                 nik   lrswipkxtecda

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