ZFS for Cyrus IMAP storage

Vincent Fox vbfox at ucdavis.edu
Sat May 5 13:14:07 EDT 2007

Gary Mills wrote:
> There was a question earlier regarding ZFS for Cyrus IMAP storage.  We
> recently converted to that filesystem here.  I'm extremely pleased
> with it.  Our server has about 30,000 users with over 200,000
> mailboxes.  It peaks at about 1900 IMAP sessions.  It currently has 1
> TB of storage with about 300 GB in use.  The server is a Sun T2000
> with 16 GB of memory, running Solaris 10.  It uses iSCSI to provide two
> 500 GB devices from our Netapp filer.  Disk redundancy is all on the
> Netapp because it's currently superior to that provided by ZFS.

Our T2000 have 8 GB for the cluster we are building here at University 
of California Davis.
Would you expect we will be having to upgrade RAM, or is it just gravy?

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