cyrus on sparc

Davide Bettio davide.bettio at
Fri Jun 29 08:40:24 EDT 2007


> Hi,
> Has anyone got cyrus running on sparc?
> I've installed kolab-cyrus-imapd v2.2.13 on Debian Etch and it doesn't seem
> to work very well: It tells me that mailboxes are reserved or when I try to
> sync sometimes (for example when I try to create a directory) the client
> says to me that the operation was terminated.
> In the log I see messages like this:
> Jun 26 21:15:55 localhost cyrus/master[19525]: process 19636 exited,
> signaled to death by 10
> Jun 26 21:15:55 localhost cyrus/master[19525]: service imap pid 19636 in
> BUSY state: terminated abnormally
> Signal 10 is SIGBUS and normally happens when a process tried 	to do an
> unaligned memory access.

OK. Now it seems to work. I had to recompile cyrus with gcc 3.4: the debian 
etch package seems to be broken because is compiled with a newer version of 

Davide Bettio.

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