unified murder gets mailboxes list truncated

Janne Peltonen janne.peltonen at helsinki.fi
Wed Jun 27 18:57:57 EDT 2007


I'm running a unified murder and have been experiencing a strange
problem. I shut down a cluster member cleanly, then start the member
again, run ctl_cyrusdb -r and ctl_mboxlist -m, all goes well (even if
the ctl_mboxlist -m takes a long time), the services start - the mupdate
slaves starts to synchronize with the mupdate master, and, at the
beginning, throws away all records of remote mailboxes! Only after it
has synchronized with the master does it know how to proxy to other
murder members. Now what might be wrong here?

I'm running version 2.3.8, several instances on each physical server
with separate config dirs, spool dirs and ip addresses (got the idea
from fastmail.fm).

Janne Peltonen <janne.peltonen at helsinki.fi>

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