ctl_mboxlist -m takes hours

Janne Peltonen janne.peltonen at helsinki.fi
Tue Jun 26 15:10:11 EDT 2007


I've got a line like the following in my cyrus.conf files:

  mupdatepush   cmd="/usr/lib/cyrus-imapd/ctl_mboxlist -C /etc/imapd.conf.i01.master -m"

It is meant to synchronize the backend mailbox list with the mupdate
master upon startup. Sometimes, it takes horribly long to complete: one
to three hours with 600000 records in the mailboxes list. (Sometimes it
takes a lot less time, something like 9 seconds).

There are 24 nodes in my murder. Could this create locking problems on
the mupdate master?

Janne Peltonen <janne.peltonen at helsinki.fi>

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