subscribtion and seen flags

Dmitriy Kirhlarov dimma at
Mon Jun 25 15:12:50 EDT 2007

Hi, list

Possible, my question stupid, but I can't find solution.

I have cyrus-2.3.8 imapd server with configured virtual domains. But we 
are using only one domain --
I want to make this domain default for cyrus.
I'm testing procedure in sandbox.
After stopping imapd server I doing:
1. dumping all my current mailboxes with removing ''.
ctl_mboxlist -d | sed -e 's/^!//; s/ > 

2. moving all messages to root mail partition and removing old subfolder
mv -i /var/spool/imap/domain/O/* /var/spool/imap/
rm -rf /var/spool/imap/domain

3. removing current mailboxes database and creating it again from 
patched dump
rm /var/imap/mailboxes.db
cat mboxlist.dump | ctl_mboxlist -u

4. replacing defaultdomain in imapd.conf

After starting imapd that I can login with my short name "dimma" instead 
"dimma at" and I can see all my folders and messages.
But all messages unread and not flagges and I lost my subscriptions to 
the folders.

How I can backup and restore message flags and folders subscription status?


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