index on custom headers for fast ipurge

Andrew Morgan morgan at
Wed Jun 20 12:14:31 EDT 2007

On Wed, 20 Jun 2007, Eric Luyten wrote:

>> A Cyrus administrator can authenticate as an administrator and authorize
>> as a user.  You can then perform operations on behalf of the user.
> Andrew,
> What "commodity" mail client offers this possibility ?

I've never tried to do this with a real mail client, so I can't say.  I 
suspect very few can, if any.  The imtest tool which comes with Cyrus 
supports this feature.  I thought the perl module Mail::IMAPClient 
supported it, but it appears you would have to tie it to imtest (which is 
given as an example in the source distribution of Mail::IMAPClient).

In the context of the original question, I'm not sure it is even necessary 
to authorize as the end user.  An admin user can open any mailbox on the 
system to find the notification messages and delete them.

If you want to simply read a user's mailbox (not *be* the user), then an 
admin can grant access to the mailbox to any other Cyrus user.  We do that 
here to help diagnose user problems.


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