index on custom headers for fast ipurge

Andrew Morgan morgan at
Wed Jun 13 13:51:25 EDT 2007

On Wed, 13 Jun 2007, ram wrote:

> I am setting up a cyrus imap server with 40k-80k mailboxes
> I have a particular requirement that some particular messages  should be
> deleted from all mailboxes.These  are the usual yada-yada system
> notifications no one reads
> For this I plan to add custom headers in al these notifications and run
> ipurge for all mails with that header
> Is this possible ?

I don't use ipurge, so I can't say whether ipurge can do this.

> Alternatvely I could use an ImapClient script to logon to the mailboxes
> and delete the mails. But I wont have passwords for all mailboxes ?

A Cyrus administrator can authenticate as an administrator and authorize 
as a user.  You can then perform operations on behalf of the user.  You 
don't need to know the user's password.


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