trying to build kind of dropbox

Boris Andratzek Boris.Andratzek at
Mon Jun 11 05:31:43 EDT 2007

On Di, 5.06.2007, 15:48, Michael Menge wrote:
> Quoting Boris Andratzek <Boris.Andratzek at>:
>> Boris Andratzek wrote:
>>> Hej all,
>>> I'm new to this list and trying to find a way to build this:
>>> There shall be a shared folder in cyrus which is readable and writeable
>>> for some users. It will be used as a dropbox. All mail in there shall
>>> be
>>> marked as read for everybody everytime. Is this possible with pure ACL
>>> managemant or do I have to use sieve scripts for reach user?
>> Hej all,
>> is there no idea how to build something like that??
>> I was hoping it should be possible!
>> Boris
> Hi,
> you can create a shared folder for usrers and set the ACL so that some
> users have read and write permission. But afaik the E-Mail will be
> marked as unread for all users that have not read the E-Mail.
> Michael

Hej Michael, hej all,

thanks for answering and thinking about my case!

Yes, I know that so far and that is axactly my trouble....

So in consequence, I'm now looking for a smart HowTo for writing sieve
scripts on cyrus. In this case I want to write a sieve script that marks
any incoming mail as read.
Has anybody got a link for me??



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