Cyrus with a NFS storage. random DBERROR

Wesley Craig wes at
Fri Jun 8 13:29:41 EDT 2007

I run it directly, outside of master.  That way when it crashes, it  
can be easily restarted.  I have a script that checks that it's  
running, that the log file isn't too big, and that there are no log- 
PID files that are too old.  If anything like that happens, it pages  


On 08 Jun 2007, at 11:48, Nik Conwell wrote:
> Do people run sync_client in the SERVICES section rather than START?
> The install-replication docs indicate to put it in START.  If my
> replica goes away for a little while, sync_client exits and then I
> have to restart it manually and then process any pending logs.  Would
> be nice if it just started automatically and picked up where it left
> off.

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