How to keep flags after move mailboxes to another server

Amy Jin ajin at
Thu Jun 7 17:34:53 EDT 2007

Hi There,

I'm running cyrus 2.2.12 on several servers . Recently, I need to move 
mailboxes from one server
to another server because of storage shortage.

I don't have a front-end Cyrus Aggregator, so I can't use cyradm command 
"xfermailbox" to do it.

I write a script to create mailbox and copy mail date to target server. 
To avoid duplicated mailbox_id,
the cyrus.header file will not be copied to the target server.
After reconstruct the new mailbox. I loss all of the flags. The seen 
flag is easy to handle, just replace the old
mailbox_id with the new id in  user.seen file. But how can I keep the 
other flags (e.g. important, work, personal, to do, later),
it seems they are in the cyrus.index file?


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