AutoCreate Inbox. Create on login not working

Aristotelis arisg at
Wed Jun 6 07:03:35 EDT 2007

BipinDas wrote:
> Dear List.

> I could not understand the following part of the Autocreate inbox patch 
> doc. I think this make the problem
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> *ii) The user's authorisation ID (typically the same as the user's authentication ID)  
> doesn't belong to the imap_admins or admins
> accounts (see imapd.conf)*.
> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Kindly tell me what does it means,or how I configure this section in imapd.conf.

   What is says is that you cannot autocreate a mailbox in case the user 
that you are using is part of the imap_admins, or admins.

   For example if user foo is part of imap_admins, or admins in 
imapd.conf then autocreate will not create the mailbox.

   When autocreate is working, then it outputs some logs to syslog, so 
if you increase the info that you see in your log files then you can see 
if autocreate is running or not (on imap logins).

    Best regards,

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