Ghost emails

Giuseppe Ravasio giuseppe_ravasio at
Tue Jun 5 04:03:10 EDT 2007

Alle 07:30, martedì 5 giugno 2007, Florian Gleixner ha scritto:
> Your logs say:
> May 31 20:37:37 server lmtpunix[31094]: duplicate_mark:
> <86D6BCB7F53B8D46980FE134992AA0020395DB3A at AMAILSERVER,it> .beppe+ at .sieve.
> this means, that cyrus thinks this message is a duplicate of a existing
> mail in the users mailbox. Some broken email clients may generate
> non-unique Message-Ids (groupwise has this bug in one version, some
> outlook versions, ...). Search your mail logs (/var/log/mail) whether
> you see the Id 86D6BCB7F53B8D46980FE134992AA0020395DB3A at AMAILSERVER,it
> for different incoming mails.

I think that when a message is marked as duplicate i should see a line like:

Jun  5 09:11:24 thot lmtpunix[23224]: dupelim: eliminated duplicate message to 
user.beppe id <200706050911.08506.giuseppe_ravasio at> (delivery)

in fact searching the id in a month logs returns only the lines included in my 
first email... so it seems that there was no duplicate suppression.

Last but not least it doesn't explain why the message is on the FS but not in 
the IMAP folder's index!


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